Herbalife Nutrition New Market Opening, Uzbekistan

Filuet TOS™ Model Case Study

We tackled every aspect of the market approach opening from A to Z, without making our clients endure the entire alphabet…

Filuet’s vision to be the “Marco Polo for Direct sales companies” proved right once again when Herbalife Nutrition finally entered Uzbekistan in August 2020 – and before long, sales in the region were gaining rapid momentum, while overcoming the difficulties in the midst of a pandemic. While the road was far from smooth, the strategy Filuet formulated and implemented – with the TOS model coupled by joining forces with Herbalife’s local sales team leaders and management in the CIS region – Herbalife could finally start selling. Even with market conditions stacked against us.

Uzbekistan is undoubtedly a distinctive country – not only with regards to the Eastern mentality, but also the unique business conditions and regulations. All of these subjects were considered in the strategy creation process. Filuet’s experienced international expansion team investigated the market, legal & tax requirements, importation & certification demands and other business requirements. Beyond our experience with presence in 19 nations, we leveraged the power of both local experts (mostly for requirements gathering) and local Herbalife Nutrition members to better understand their needs. Based on this detailed research, we built a flexible strategy to open the market for Herbalife.

Filuet Total Outsourcing Solution – TOS

The TOS model integrates all IT-systems, business processes, and inventory management with the Herbalife regional management office, and provides all local members with product access and better service through an omni-channel eco-system. There was no need for Herbalife to establish a subsidiary in the new country or hire local staff – the total outsourcing solution, delivered by a loyal and reliable partner, offered a more stable and cost-efficient alternative.

The sales plan we chose, designed, and implemented made it possible to not only kickstart sales for Herbalife in Uzbekistan, but also achieve high indicators in a short period of time.

Even when the premises were ready but unable to operate due to quarantine restrictions, Filuet reacted with a plan – as is in our nature – exploring proactive ways to use the space and staff to enable product access for Herbalife members.

The entire infrastructure (warehouse, office, points of sales) was set-up and operated by Filuet in strict coordination with Herbalife compliance and ESG requirements. From sourcing 21 trustworthy full-time employees to running domestic operations for Herbalife in Uzbekistan – while ensuring legal, tax, product, and corporate compliance, we did it all. From the start, we were tasked with building a sustainable and transparent business, while keeping in mind the need to embed corporate governance, a code of business conduct, and ethics.

Circumstances of Uncertainty and Crisis are NOT an Obstacle for Operating!

Though 2020 was one of the most unstable years globally and in Uzbekistan – with the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic and the turbulent business climate at the hands of recent regime change – Filuet maintained its signature “can do” attitude to help launch the Herbalife Nutrition Urban Sales & Fulfillment Centre in the heart of Tashkent.

We applaud every member of the team who participated in the project – Well done!

Want to be Filuet’s next featured success story? Contact us today to learn more about what we did for Herbalife Nutrition in Uzbekistan and the CIS region, and how can we assist your business using our unique TOS model. Let’s penetrate new markets and create a better world, together.

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