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Your one-stop-shop for all your global expansion needs

We proudly deliver a broad range of international expansion solutions in the realms of e-commerce, retail, and direct sales.
We are passionate about supporting our clients when expanding their global empires, helping them enter foreign markets with confidence.

In business for over 30 years

Filuet’s journey began in 1992 when we were founded as a family-run import/export business specialising in international trade and logistics.

We made our first shipment of Herbalife products to Eurasia, providing end-to-end export and import services.

Despite the financial crisis in Eurasia, we managed to plant seeds of Filuet across the Baltics and Cyprus.

2003 - 2012
We opened 9 new markets, including Cyprus, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. 
Cyprus - 2000
Latvia - 2001 Estonia - 2003 Lithuania - 2003 Georgia - 2010 Belarus - 2010 Kazakhstan - 2011 Armenia 2012 Azerbaijan 2013

We initiated a joint venture to act as GSSA- general sales & services agents for airline cargo.

Our business cooperation with Herbalife in Eurasia turned official, and we were appointed as the exclusive logistics provider of Herbalife.

We began investing in real estate, focusing on prime “for-rent” residential projects.

We entered to an outsourcing contract for managing Herbalife Israel’s sales and fullfilment center.

We debuted our first Automated Sales Centers (ASC) for Herbalife.

ASC’s launched in Korea, Taiwan, Israel and Eurasia.

More ASC’s launched in Eurasia, Colombia and Brazil.

Launched Latvia and added a flagship Herbalife Autostore in Seoul, Korea.

Launched the first ASC in Vietnam in the city of Saigon or Ho Chi Minh, and also in the small french island of Martinique.

Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, we opened the Uzbekistan market in August this year, showcasing our resilience and ability to adapt to challenging situations.

October 2021
2021 We became the official sponsor of the Herbalife24 Virtual Triathlon.

February 2022
Following the Russia - Ukraine conflict, Filuet ceases all operations in Russia

2020 - 2022
During Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve launched remotely the 2nd ASC in Vietnam, Hanoi, 2 locations in Indosnesia, one in Cambodia and one in Georgia.

September 2022
We launched MyDelivery.shop, a new e-commerce business in the entire Euroasian customs union

November 2022
We inaugurated our new HQ in the old city of Limassol, Cyprus, marking yet another significant milestone in our journey.

April 2022
We were awarded as one of the top 10 retail automation solutions providers in Europe, according to Retail Tech Insights.

June 2022
We incorporated Filuetech to consolidate all our IP assets and technology initiatives under one brand.

Jan, 2023
Through a joint venture with a big Indian logistics company, we are set to roll out the ASC as a stand alone product in the Indian market.

Meet the Management Team

Our team is ready to partner with yours
to sharpen your competitive edge.

Meet the Management Team

Our team is ready to partner with yours
to sharpen your competitive edge.

Alex Rashkovan


Marios Iacovou

Chief Executive Director

Omiros Christodoulides

Chief Commercial & Treasury Officer

Mask group (7)

Olga Bestcennaya

Chief Operating Officer

What's Different About Filuet?

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Our vision -
Complexity reimagined

Filuet’s vision is to become the world’s leading global expansion partner. International expansion is a challenging task: Logistics, regulations, local support, cultural differences, and technology pose a  real challenge to any D2C brand wanting to enter new markets. With 30 other years of experience, we are here to help overcome our clients tackle any challenge entering the Euro-Asian markets.

Our values -
Go the extra mile, always

We see our clients as partners, and we will go to great strides to help them achieve their goals. Our can-do attitude, coupled with a diverse team of specialists, ensures we can close gaps and leave no loopholes. We believe in agility, forward-thinking, and professional integrity and value our partnerships. Our 30+ years relation with some of our biggest clients is our testament.

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Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 09.18.59

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Learn everything you need to know about growing your
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Learn everything you need to know about growing your business internationally

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