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Automated Retail Stores for Herbalife -
Where bespoke logistics capabilities and technological innovation meet.

Herbalife is known to be a customer obsessed by organization, holding themselves to the highest standards when it comes to fulfillment. As part of enhancing their omni-channel approach, they asked Filuet to create a last minute, last mile, 24/7 solution for their distributors and this is how the automated retail stores were born. Equipped with high-end analytics and tracking capabilities and complex ordering capabilities, the ASC machines are a state-of-the-art digital retail solution.

Client’s request

The client wanted to optimise the supply chain and sell faster. The idea behind this was that faster fulfilment of orders will enable sales associates to secure & place new orders quicker.

The solution

We initiated the set-up of smart vending machines in strategic locations in the target markets, thus moving inventory closer to the demand. This enabled faster fulfilment. We took care of the end-to-end responsibility from warehousing to machine replenishments and customer support. Our smart vending machines outperformed the projected targets. Not only did we solve the need of supply chain optimisation, our machines became an integral part of the omni-channel buying experience of the client. Fast forward to today, and our smart vending solution plays an essential role in the client’s brand presence across the globe.

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The perks for Herbalife

The extent of retail automation of our smart vending machines made them easily deploy-able across the target markets with minimum human interventions required. The tracking of sales data through the smart vending machines provided valuable insights into product success rates.

APAC | India | EMEA


Orders processed and counting...

Today, we operate our smart vending machines
for Herbalife in 12 markets

Services we provided for Herbalife

Filuet provides an inequivalent end-to-end solution only a logistics-tech company can

But it doesn’t stop there. As a turn key solution,
Filuet also manages:

Inventory replenishment

Customer Training

Technical Support

Optimizing machine placement

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