Why Cyprus?

From hosting some of the world’s most historical sites to the vibrant Mediterranean culture, the many charms of Cyprus make it an irresistible destination. Cyprus is well known for its warm weather welcoming people, and scenic beaches, but that isn’t everything the island has to offer. You’ll also find quaint historic villages, ancient ruins, incredible mountains, and wonderful, vibrant cities. Keep reading for all reasons why Cyprus is the best destination!

Cyprus enjoys around 320 days of sunshine a year! The Mediterranean Island has blue skies and perfect year-round weather; Cyprus enjoys mild winters, longer summers, and short autumn and spring periods, making it one of the best holiday destinations for topping up vitamin D.

Cyprus is known for its beautiful sandy beaches with clean waters – the European Environment Agency recognizes Cyprus’s beaches as the cleanest in Europe. Besides, it’s the most peaceful place on earth, with rugged mountains and picturesque countryside. The friendliness of the locals is admirable. You will see friends exchange lengthy pleasantries accompanied by affectionate pecks – Cypriots are known for their laidback and warm nature.

In Cyprus, there’s always a reason to celebrate- they are known for their love of having a good time with the best food! Tourists are promised a magnificent experience all year round. The laidback Cypriot lifestyle is something to be experienced- Cyprus offers you carefree and slow-paced days to enjoy long walks by the beach or ride through the mountains or forests surrounded by flowers and plants.

Offering something for everyone, regardless of interests, age, or budget, Cyprus describes itself as a year-round island, where each season brings something new and wonderful for visitors to discover, from swimming in the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea to rambling in pine-scented forests, skiing on the snowy peaks of the mountains, cycling through the countryside and wandering around the ancient Greek temples and magnificent Byzantine churches.

Both nature lovers and lovers of luxury will have the time of their life; Agro-tourism holiday options offer visitors a chance to enjoy the Cypriot culture and rural life like a local. For visitors who wish to appreciate a life of luxury in Cyprus, there are many options- from family-run luxury hotels to five-star resorts; you are guaranteed the allure of traditional Cypriot hospitality combined with modern sophistication. Cyprus is also home to several casinos and world-class sporting and spa facilities for your entertainment, notably in spots such as the Famagusta beaches and Karpas.

Apart from the many leisurely joys, the island has to offer, it serves as the place many (outlandish) corporates call home. This, of course, is no coincidence, and there are many advantages to having your head offices in Cyprus. For one, the island’s tax system is highly appealing from a business perspective. The Standard corporate tax rate is the lowest in all of Europe at 12.5 %. For the sake of comparison, that is less than half the rate in the Netherlands (25.8 %)! Cyprus has a territorial tax system, meaning that only locally sourced incomes are taxed. In fact, it’s not uncommon to be fully exempted from paying taxes on dividends and capital gains, withholding taxes, and profits from the disposal of securities. It takes no Elon Musk to realize how favorable these tax benefits can be to one’s business.

Next to tax benefits, there are many investment opportunities in Cyprus. As mentioned before, Cyprus is one of the most touristic countries in Europe, and its location makes it a significant player in the global shipping industry. Its unique location and EU membership enable it to function as the gateway between Europe and the Middle East (and Asia, for that matter). This makes it a very convenient place of corporate residence from which to run international trade.

The real estate business is thriving in Cyprus. With a constant tourist flow from April to November, it is easy to rent out houses and apartments with an ocean view. Add to that Cyprus’ low crime rates, loyal tax systems, European level of healthcare, and numerous schools for foreigners, and you can see why real estate is in such high demand on the island. In fact, by investing in real estate, you can opt for EU citizenship within 6 months after your investment.

Starting a financial business with Cyprus as your European headquarters requires no additional licensing nor establishment of branches or offices for other EU members. There are many advantages here. Setting up your company in Cyprus allows you to enjoy the international status of having an EU-based company, gain access to world-class financial services, pay yourself tax-free dividends, and do business without restrictions in Europe. Within 5 days(!), you can have your business set up remotely. The government has taken many business initiatives to encourage business as much as possible, be it by foreign- or local investors. These initiatives have made Cyprus the best option for companies looking to optimize their taxes legally.

Work hard, play hard really seems to be the motto in Cyprus, with plenty of opportunities for both. Cyprus is the perfect answer if you’re thinking big with your business and aspiring to operate internationally while enjoying the many local fruits the Mediterranean has to offer. If you have any questions regarding setting up shops in Cyprus, drop us a message. We have all your answers! If you’re here for some quality time, contact us, and let’s have a drink.

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