2021’S NEWS
Meet Filuet – Askar Abdilov

31 May

In this episode of Meet Filuet we are happy to introduce our General Manager in Baku, Azerbaijan – Asker Abdilov. Dear Asker, please tell us a bit about yourself, your family, and what you love to do? “My name is…

Meet Filuet – Sara Ben David

29 April

Filuet was founded as a family business that has evolved over the years into a powerhouse for companies worldwide, assisting them with everything they need for establishing their business. We spoke with one of the first employees in Filuet’s 29…

Meet Filuet – Erik Rashkovan

29 March

Filuet was founded as a family business that has evolved over the years into a powerhouse for companies worldwide, assisting them with everything they need for establishing their business. We spoke with one of the founders of Filuet to understand…

Meet Filuet – Omiros Christodoulides

22 February

Filuet News’ Publisher and Editor recently spoke with our beloved COO  about his Filuet journey, his private life and the future. He is with us since 2003, we are happy to introduce Omiros Christodoulides! Ella Omire! How are you today? Hello!…

Meet Filuet – Ilze Buldere

02 February

Today we start a new tradition in Filuet – “Filuet behind the scenes”. Once a month we will introduce you with one of our amazing team members, our teams will share some memories, personal stories and will discuss Filuet future…

2020’S NEWS
In search of truly touchless touchscreen interaction

19 November

Retailers using a touchscreen kiosk now searching for a hygiene and quick replacement, in Filuet we have developed the Auto Store App that basically turns the customer personal smartphone to a touchscreen kiosk. Now, let’s find some more brilliant idea…

World Federation of Direct Selling Associations Congress – Filuet announcement

13 October

This year we have decided that Filuet will support the WFDSA World Congress XVI “Tomorrow Is Now” and will be a superior partner of the biggest event in the direct selling world. The congress will take place during 6-8 October,…

Preparing for the post-pandemic environment will test retailers’ flexibility

28 August

Given public health officials’ recommendations regarding social distancing and minimizing contact with individuals outside the household, self-service checkout is a perfect example of how store digitalization can facilitate important adjustments to the shopping experience. The coronavirus pandemic has introduced new…

Big brands go direct to the consumer in a crisis

14 July

The coronavirus pandemic has been a catalyst for some of the world’s biggest brands to open online stores serving products direct to consumers’ homes. But will the popularity of this relatively new purchasing model last as shops start to reopen?…

With Filuet, now is the time for International expansion.

14 June

As the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across global economies, U.S. retailers with a global footprint have felt the pinch, with demand for products continuing to fluctuate. Logistics services have also been affected, with freight forwarders like the U.S. Postal…

Coronavirus jumpstarts self-service innovation, worldwide

03 April

With consumers hunkering down to escape the coronavirus, unattended retail has gained a powerful second wind. Self-service technology entrepreneurs are using artificial intelligence, face recognition and infrared technology to allow consumers to order and pay for everyday needs, without having to…

Five Considerations When Developing an Edge Retail Strategy

17 February

Have the reports of retail’s death been greatly exaggerated? E-commerce is thriving. In 2019 online holiday sales grew 14.3% year-over-year to reach almost $168 billion, representing 23% of the $730 billion in total holiday sales. While the trend to digital continues, physical…

Why Auto Attendant holds the key to brand loyalty

03 January

Thanks to our technology-saturated world, consumers are increasingly expecting quicker and easier ordering. Today’s consumer wants to easily scroll through their options, personalize their specifications, input their orders and pay for their items, all with a few presses of a…

2019’S NEWS

02 June

At a recent technology show in Tokyo, a large robot arm reached into a full-sized mockup of a shipping container and began unloading boxes from it. Set on a platform that moved back and forth, the robot was doing a…


24 May

At Filuet group, the staff discuss logistics daily. But what exactly is logistics? According to, the definition of logistics is the: “planning, execution, fulfillment and control of the procurement, movement and stationing of personnel, material and other resources to…


11 April

Retail has been going through a huge disruption and transformation recently, and the winners and losers of that disruption are still not entirely clear. But what is clear is that those who embrace the challenge and the technology have the…


17 February

First of all, automated retail is not “vending”. Vending is your 2007 Nokia phone which allowed for texting and calls. With today’s smartphones you can do your banking, emails, book your holiday, read the news and so much more. Basically…

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