Meet Filuet – Konstantin Bystrov

In this episode of Meet Filuet we are happy to introduce our IT Director, the one and only – Konstantin Bystrov.

Hi Konstantin! How are you today?

Hi, Currently I am on Dacha enjoy countryside style of life.

Our IT director – Konstantin Bystrov

Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

“My name is Konstantin, I’m married with three children. All my hobbies are related with extreme – sailing, mountains ski, diving. But in the last two years, during Covid lockdown, I started really enjoying fishing with my sons. My favorite cuisine is Italian & French, and mostly it’s related not to pretentious restaurants, but small “home” cafes. I also like to test local cuisines in each country I travel to. Everyday education and new knowledge is a life for IT person.”

Please tell me about your time with Filuet; When you got on board? How was your journey since then?

״I joined Filuet 3 years ago, and I still enjoy the family atmosphere as if I just got in. My role is Filuet group IT Director. I like that Filuet doesn’t stay in one field and always looking for new opportunities in the business world. As I see it, Filuet’s adaptation way of business to rapid changed environment of market is one of its biggest strength. My dream is to meet my colleagues from other countries (offline!!) soon.”

What person, real or imagined, living or dead, would you most like to have dinner with and why?

״I have many interests, from different aspects of life, so I would like to say that from each aspect I would like to meet one person 🙂 From the political world I would like to meet Angela Merkel, from the business world- Elon Musk, actor- Philip Hopkins, and from the science world- Stephen Hawking.”

As these strange times lead us to digitalize our internationality, we would like to ask you what is your favorite/ dream destination for vacation & ultimate destination for work?

“Many of my friends and relatives live in Germany, so I hope to visit them immediately after opening borders. Germany will be good starting point to visit all my favorite places I dreamt visiting during lockdown- Swiss, France and Italy. As for working remotely- Germany is my ultimate destination.”

Where are you seeing Filuet in 10 years from now?

“In 10 years from now, I see Filuet’s digital transformation continues, with no ‘standard’ operations in the business at all. The company will be presented at 110 countries with billion turnover.”

That’s it, would you like to use this opportunity and forward a message to Filuet team?

“I Would like to use this stage and encourage our global team with a statement – Togetherness, Agile, Customer orientation.

If we follow these 3 when coming to work, we can achieve everything!”

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