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Filuet was founded as a family business that has evolved over the years into a powerhouse for companies worldwide, assisting them with everything they need for establishing their business. We spoke with one of the founders of Filuet to understand more about Filuet’s long journey to success and to document this information first-hand from one of the co-founders themselves, Erik Rashkovan.


Hi, Erik!

Thank you for your time in this interview. We have a list of questions that we are excited to ask, so with no further adieu, let’s get started:

How did Filuet get started and where did you get the inspiration for starting a company?

The road to success was a very long one and it wasn’t easy, it’s what I like to call – “life”. Opening the Filuet Company wasn’t exactly straight forward and it was full of ups and downs, various complications, and all new challenges we could not have anticipated. The inspiration came from my two sons and my lovely wife who have helped keep our company warm and homey. For more details, you are welcome to read my book.

What are you like as a businessman and a boss?

You tell me if I am a good boss. As a businessman, I can say that I did everything that I could. Most of the time, business was good, but it doesn’t mean that everything went smoothly. Filuet’s amazing success in recent years couldn’t have been accomplished without the help of my eldest son’s incredible talent and hunger, as he is always one step ahead!

Why did you write a book and how long did it take?

Robin Sharma, a famous writer, wrote “The Secret Letters of the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” book series which led me to question, why am I not writing an autobiography, too? For some time, this question remained in my mind until my friend, partner, and son, Alex reminded me at just the right time – as I was in rehab after a knee injury. He insisted that I take a moment to sit down and write about my life story. He presented this idea to me in such an incredible way, I couldn’t deny him. He told me that if I manage to complete this project, my knee pains would eventually go away. A year later, the book was out and only a couple of years later, my fellow Filuet executives surprised me on Filuet’s 25th anniversary with an English edition of the book, “… and then you swim!”, which is now available on Amazon! (Where is my money?)

What else does your book reveal about Filuet?

In the beginning, I was thinking about writing only about my two sons, Alex and Arthur. Later on, I started to consider writing about my colleagues and the whole Filuet company. So, in the end I was able to include everything that I thought relevant at the time in order to help the future of Filuet in order to continue my legacy, sharing everything I have learned during the long journey of my Filuet life story. I believe this book can guide and inspire the Filuet teams for many years.

Which message is most important for Filuet Group?

I kindly ask you to read my book, and I think you will find it interesting. If you get the chance to read it, please share your thoughts in our survey. I wrote my life story, from when I was 6 years old, until today; age 77. I hope that the words I wrote in my book will help all who read it.

Thank you for your time in this Q&A session, it was a real pleasure.


Link to the book on Amazon:

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