Editor’s Letter: Why Our March and 30 Anniversary Celebrates Creativity

One from the young generation of Filuet


This year, we agreed that March 2022, our anniversary month, should be used to highlight and celebrate creativity. At a time when the world is experiencing so many challenges, the joys of celebrating our 30 anniversary seem insane. However, it can drive us, more than ever, to a place of bliss, even if only for a brief instant. At home, closing your eyes to the rhythm of your favorite song can transport you far, far away. And what about opening up a bottle of good wine and drinking up to the good the future holds? Instant gratification.

30 years seem to be passing by so effortlessly. However, how should we know? 30 years ago, we didn’t really exist. Thinking about those days when my father and grandfather, two immigrants from the USSR, built up a company from scratch – how does it happen? Where did they get the inspiration from? Those days, the conditions in Israel weren’t optimal. Our grandfather, an engineer in his profession (or how he likes to call it – “academic carrier”), and my father, 23 years old boy, built up a brilliant company together on the idea of logistics & international expansion services. We think that these two are brilliant and, at that time, represented the finest of creativity.

It is regrettable that historically, the work of creatives has been undervalued on so many occasions. For instance, see Vincent van Gogh, who died in poverty and with one fewer ear, only celebrated after his passing. Just imagine what could have happened if he found himself a “Marios”, an “Olga”, and an “Omiros” during his lifetime. Naturally, we’re aware that other activities and jobs are of equal or even greater importance than creatives. Yet, we cannot help but think of how creativity is a courier of beauty, depth, and color to our world. It’s the drive to anything we do; It’s the thing that will help us get out of times of crisis. 

This made us think that while creativity is not limited to any region, as Filuet is not, it makes sense to focus our letter on the territories we have not yet “conquered”….

This March marks the 30 anniversary of Filuet. We have had our ups & downs over the last 30 years, but you, our friends, clients, colleagues, and partners, have given us the inspiration and creativity we needed to overcome any crisis and get out even stronger through those hardships. You make us feel prouder every day. Even on such days when the future seems vague, it is still possible to see what the future holds – prosperity and progress. We are confident that we will face any challenges heroically, all thanks to our exceptional people and brilliant minds. Creativity and innovation will push us to do better things and overcome any obstacle. This feeling wouldn’t have been possible without our teams’ creative and innovative minds, which Filuet is fortunate to have on staff – giving us peace of mind when facing new challenges. You are the core of this fantastic big loving company – Filuet.

As you read this letter and watch those pictures, we hope you will feel proud and curious about the stories of success we are shining a spotlight on, from the first launch of the Automated Sales Center through the opening of our offices in Cyprus to the first time presenting the Herbalife24 virtual triathlon. This gives us the optimism to hold up for what the future holds – a world of opportunities ahead at any time. For the next 30 years of our company, we aspire to lead – to lead our partners and clients to new, untapped markets, to help them do what they do best, and to be a pioneer of new technological solutions that will elevate direct selling corporates, their members and distributors in their way to success all around the globe.

We would like to end this letter by thanking the entire team involved in making Filuet what it is today. From the people in the offices, warehouses, and our external contributors, to our partners who supported us even when their businesses were suffering. You are the ultimate reason we put so many hours of hard work into all we do. This is your company, so happy birthday to you, too. Thank you! May the next 30 years will be as good as the last 30.


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