Our clients primarily consist of large multinationals trading consumer goods. These clients know they can trust Filuet for our broad range of global expansion services offering optimal value for investment. However, we never say no to a challenge, and often collaborate with smaller businesses across many industries and sectors too.


“...Filuet certainly amongst
highest performing partners we had.”

Edi Hienrich, Herbalife Nutrition

Edi Hienrich

Sr Vice President & Managing Director Europe Middle East Africa & India

“After more than 25 years of collaboration with Filuet, I cannot compliment the team on their professionalism enough. We have worked together across numerous nations, in various challenging conditions and economies. No matter how difficult it was to deal with the technology or infrastructure, we always managed to identify creative and well-structured solutions, overcoming challenges with full compliance - all thanks to Filuet.

We have established successful businesses, upgraded our operations and services, and more - all with the highest level of professionalism from Filuet. We have great confidence in the executive team and would trust them with any project. Their problem-free approach underpins this long-term affiliation, along with their willingness to address any project, big or small. Filuet truly takes the time to understand our business and needs, using a winning formula that never fails. Throughout my career at Herbalife Nutrition, I’ve held various positions and been responsible for the management of numerous global regions, covering the Business Development and International Expansion realms. This includes opening in new countries.

Filuet is definitely among our highest performing partners, and I can say that with confidence, having worked with a range of suppliers worldwide and set-up import and distribution internally with help from third-party operations”

Charlie Smith

COO, Morinda

“With product sales in 92+ countries worldwide, we work with many logistics service providers. Over the years, we’ve found Filuet to be the best. As a true “solutions” based business, Filuet continues to cut through the crowd with their innovative operational approach and unique range of services. Filuet are certainly the best choice for any company looking to procure the services of a third-party.”

Scott Davidson

CFO, NHT Global

“When it comes to developing our EEU and CIS markets, Filuet have proven to be our strongest business partner to date. The team provides outstanding warehouse and logistics support to ensure our products reach consumers quickly and affordably. Filuet have a deep understanding of our intricate business region, empowering us to expand swiftly with minimal investment. We are able to enjoy continuous improvement while expanding our service offerings with confidence.”

Tom Harms

Senior Vice President and Managing Director, APAC and China

“We’ve been doing business with Filuet for over two decades, and they’re certainly the most reliable, trustworthy partner we’ve ever had. Their “can do” attitude across every project empowers us to consistently identify solutions that support our distributors’ needs while effortlessly meeting our corporate requirements. Filuet exceeds my expectations every time, and my team is always impressed with the quality of management and attention to detail throughout our collaborations. It’s incredibly rare to find companies that truly fit the description of a “business partner,” but Filuet is one of them. We have tremendous respect for their ability to keep their word, and this respect is certainly reflected back to us.”

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